Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes an Album Cover Catches Your Eye

This was one of those times.  I think it was the cheesy fake mustaches that did it.  Whatever they were, er, it was, here's a nice little 99 cent album from one of the local thrift stores.  This record features the Sportsmen Quartet, my favorite vocal foursome from the Jack Benny show.  At least that's what the back cover tells me.  Now, I do like Jack Benny.  His "Christmas Shopping" television episode where he drives Mel Blanc to a politically incorrect end is a hoot.  However, I hadn't heard of The Sportsmen Quartet until I got this record.

It's really a fun little set of songs.  Performed well, classics of the genre.  Can you imagine a barbershop quartet record without "Sweet Adeline"?  I sure can't.

A bonus was that the record was pressed of groovy gold vinyl.  Interesting, though, the record discolored.  I thought that maybe it was warped and blackened due to heat, but that isn't the case. No warps in the record - it played just fine.  I haven't seen other records darken with age, so I'm not sure what happened here.

So, here's a fine little record with a fine album cover.  Everyone looks so darned happy!

You'll be happy too when you download and listen to The Sportsmen Quartet.  Play it at your next party!

download link


  1. I would have bought that just for the cover. Cheesetastic.

  2. Pretty sure the vinyl came from the factory like that. Some of them are all clear yellow, but I think as stock ran low on the cool color, they started mixing in the plain (probably used) black vinyl. Neat mottled effect, though, don't cha think?

  3. I just discovered your site.
    Sorry I'm a little late.
    I'm excited to hear Coney Island Baby.
    I had a friend whose family sang that song whenever they had a party. Pretty funny.
    I added you to my site of sharers.
    You are now one of Your Pal Doug's Pals

  4. I'm sorry to say this link seems to be broken. I tried 3 times to download Barbershop Ballads with no luck.

    I love your site and appreciate all the hard work and expense you go through to make your site all that it is.

  5. I checked the file on Mediafire and it seems to be OK. Here's the direct URL:

    Let me know if it is still not working and I'll check a couple other things.