Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Post of 2011

Well, the holidays are over, the new year is here.  About half of the Christmas decorations are still up, but that's ok.  Abruptly ending the Christmas season is sad, so we let it ease out slowly.

No posts since Christmas here at Merry and Bright.  Der Bingle has been busy with the family all the post-Christmas goings-on.  But, thought I'd add a quick post as to what you can expect to see here in the January-October months.

More music.  That's the main thing.  I have some great vinyl records that I plan to rip and share.  Definitely not at the same rate as Christmas time, but there will be one here and there throughout the year.

Book notes.  Not really reviews in the strict reviewer sense, but just thoughts about books I'm reading or have read.

Holiday posts.  I'll probably post out some thoughts about books and music (and maybe movies) that tie to the different holidays.  St. Patrick's Day songs.  Valentine's Day jazz.  The Ultimate Arbor Day mix tape.

And other stuff.  Or, as they said in the first season of Gilligan's Island "And the rest!".   (You know, in one episode they said Mary Ann was from Horner's Corners, Kansas, and in another one Winfield, Kansas.  Winfield is real, about 30 miles from where I grew up.)

Here's to 2011!  Hope you enjoy Merry and Bright throughout the year.  I'll do my best to improve the quality of my shares next season.  Have at least a couple to remaster and re-share, plus I'll have as many new shares as possible next season. 

Stay tuned....


  1. Looking forward to the Arbor Day mix. Anyone who suspects I'm insincere would be wrong. Thanks, Der Bingle!

  2. Nice rookie season! Hope you avoid that sophomore jinx. Have a great 2011.