Saturday, March 26, 2011


I know that many of you are out there planning a surprise party for your loved one and wondering what to do after the big "Surprise!".  Indeed, what to do?  Point toward the snacks and say "dig in!"?  Turn on the High-Def TV and watch C-Span?  No!  Der Bingle is here to help.

Here is an album of music created just for a Surprise Party, and, best of all, it's guaranteed to get your guests dancing!

Jerry Meadows and his Orchestra supply us with 12 hit songs that will get the toes-a-tappin' and the heels-a-hoppin' at your party.  Start with "Chatanooga Choo Choo", work your way through the "East Coast Cha Cha", and conclude with "Every Day is Ladies' Day Merengue". 

Looks like pointy party hats are a must (not included with download).  Just look how happy and surprised the guest of honor looks!  I'll bet this was an epic party, well before we started describing things as "epic".

Please enjoy Jerry Meadows and his Orchestra "Surprise Party for Dancing".

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