Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Season is Nigh

It's November, the weather is getting cooler, although too slowly for me.   The Christmas Music season has started, and the sharity season is approaching.  I have a nice selection of records recorded to share this season, and now I'm working through the process of cleaning up the recordings, preparing the artwork, zipping it all together and sharing it here for all of you.

I've been listening to some of this year's new CD releases - Tommy Emmanuel, Carole King, Mannheim Steamroller, Michael Buble, Jersey Boys.  There are at least a couple more I'll be picking up.

Last night I found some CDs that I must have bought during Border's store closing, then forgot about - so it was a nice surprise!  Bing and the Andrews Sisters, Hayley Westenra, Andre Rieu.

I've also been spending a goodly amount of time listening to Spotify.  Free music though the magic of the internet.  Here's a great way to listen before you buy.   Have H2 playing right now (excellent, by the way), and have listened to She & Him, Mandy Barnett, and Matt Wilson.  If you haven't discovered Spotify, now is a great time to check it out.

That's all for now.  I'll have a few more posts before getting into the sharing season, to share information and acknowledgements before sharing music.

To buzz the anitcipation, I think you'll all really like the first share I'm planning....well, and all the others too.

Happy November!


  1. Happy November & here's to a great two months of holiday wonder!

  2. Looking forward to your shares Der Bingle! I count November 1st as the start of the holiday season. I go into 24/7 Christmas music listening mode. I have been listening a lot to Michael Buble's album which is awesome. I have always been a big MB fan but this album will end up being a classic. The arrangements and treatments of the ole standards are very well done.

  3. Thanks Greg - hope you visit the site often. I'm in 'All Christmas Music' mode as well. Two favorite new releases this year are Carole King and Tommy Emmanuel. I have Michael Buble's CD as well, but haven't listened yet, except for a couple tunes, which were very good.

  4. I agree about the Carole King CD. I've been a fan since the early 60's and love it. Got a new one by Chicago but I haven't listened to it due to the fact that I got the 5 CD set of the Beach Boy's "Smile" which I have been waiting over 40 years to hear. It's nice to see some activity in the Christmas blog community. With the demise of Bongobells and Christmas Forever, among others, and the hiatus of FaLaLaLa, it's been quiet. I do understand the pressure of blogging, copyright notices, and life in general. I appreciate all you folks who have done the blogs in the past, and continue them in the present.


  5. I'm sure you'll have more treasures to share again! (rubbing my hands). :-)))