Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ethel Smith Christmas Music

My share for tonight is a very nice record from Ethel Smith, featuring eight Christmas songs performed on the organ.  This is a 10 inch record I found in a local thrift store.  I love finding the occasional 10-inch record when I'm looking through the bins.  This record came in a sleeve that was in great shape, except for a couple spots of wear.  The record itself wasn't quite as pristine as the cover, but still provides some good seasonal organ music.

Please enjoy Ethel Smith at the organ, with chimes, celeste, and vibraphone accompaniment.

download link


  1. This is a great share! Very peaceful and reverent. I love the old-school cover artwork too! This totally gets me in the xmas spirit!



  2. Thank you, Der Bingle. Typically not a big fan of Organ music, yet there are some that I do like. This one sounds nice.

  3. That has got to be the jauntiest "Jingle Bells" I have ever heard. Love it!