Thursday, December 20, 2012

Around the Christmas Tree

I'm snowed in today in Kansas City.  A genuine blizzard rolled through this morning, dropping about 3 inches of snow, but with 50mph winds.  On my attempted drive in to work, I couldn't see more than about 100 feet at times. So, I went back home, and have used part of the time today to do some catch-up work.  What that brings you is another share, a little earlier in the day than usual.

"Around the Christmas Tree" is a great compilation from perhaps the 1950s, just judging from the artists and the album art.  This is a great collection, with songs from The Four Aces, Dick Haymes, the Columbus Boys Choir, and others, for a total of 14 songs.  The album has a subtitle, "A Special Christmas Day Program".  Maybe the folks at Decca were marketing this as a record to play on Christmas morning while presents were being opened. 

There is some noise on some of the songs that I couldn't remove.  This was one of those records that looked to be in better shape than it sounded.  The first couple songs from side 1 have some significant start-up noise, and then it gets better as we move through the album side.  Side 2, starting with "Deck the Hall", is similar, with early noise, then better quality later.  The music behind the noise, though, is very rich.  So, I hope you can push through the static and enjoy the great performances.

A quick internet search shows that CaptainOT shared this out a few years back, here.  I don't know if it's still available.  If it is, it may be in better shape than this rip.  If not, well, please enjoy a true 1950s sonic experience :-)  The music here is worth a try, believe me.

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  1. Thanks for this, der Bingle. This is indeed a beautiful record and I am planning to play it for my family on Christmas Day.

  2. Thank you very much. It brings back nice memories. I played this all Christmas season when I was a child. I think my mother got it with Blue Chip stamps or S&H Green stamps. I wish there was a cleaner copy. I look every Christmas. Thank you, again.