Saturday, December 29, 2012

Loose Ends 2012 (pt 2)

Christmas Day 2012 has come and gone, but it's still the Christmas season here at the Bingle household.  The trees are still up, the lights are still on, and the music is still playing.  The season will continue for at least another week, until the oldest Bingle daughter and her husband come to visit.  A longer Christmas season - love it!

I have a few more loose ends to tie up here on Merry and Bright.  I wish I could give all of these artists the time and recognition they deserve, but the best I can do is mention them here and encourage everyone to visit their websites and Facebook pages.  So, here goes...

Abi Ann:  Abi is a fresh, young country pop singer with a terrific voice.  She released a new Christmas single this year, "Santa Can You Hear Me" that is a fine, catchy little tune.

Abi Ann website:  Abi Ann
Abi Ann Facebook:  link


Loop Line:  Loop Line is a Minneapolis-based band that is working on an "always in-progress Christmas movie".   A couple songs from the movie of the future are available on Bandcamp here, and the band's Facebook page is here.


Radio Station KDXH has a streaming playlist of holiday tunes featuring artists from the St. Louis, MO area.  Here it is!  link


Acoustic indie/folk act inColor, and a few special guests, gave us a 4-song EP this Christmas, available on Bandcamp. 

inColor link


And, one more:  Animal Spirit treated us with a couple yuletide songs this season, also on Bandcamp, here.


I'm sure that there are others that I've overlooked - I'll check the e-mail archives.  In the meantime, please check out these artists and if you like what you hear, please support them by purchasing their music.

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  1. Thank you for another great season. I really appreciate all the digging you do to find these gems. Hope this year yields some great finds!