Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three Artists from Mile High

The good people at Mile High Productions have three artists with Christmas releases this year.  And, with merely a mouse click, you can check out the seasonal songs by these three fine artists.

Bunny Sigler is an R&B singer with a darned impressive resume.  Grammy Awards.  In the biz since the 60s.  Has worked with the O’Jays, Lou Rawls, and Patti LaBelle.  And now, he has released “When You’re In Love At Christmas Time”, a collection of 12 holiday songs full of groove, smoove, and style.  Bunny gives us a very unique and enjoyable R&B collection, expertly arranged and performed. 
Margo Rey is billed as an “adult contemporary” artist.  Now, “adult contemporary” usually isn’t my thing.  But within just the first few seconds of Margo’s “This Holiday Night” I knew that she was something special.  Sweet, smooth, and sultry, Margo’s voice is just wonderful.  The songs from her EP “This Holiday Night” are excellent, and will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas music collection.

RJ Comer brings us one Christmas song, “It Won’t Be Christmastime (‘Round Here)”.  I’m becoming a fan of sad Christmas songs.  RJ’s song is expertly performed, with terrific instrumentation, and outstanding vocals.  The overall musicality is tremendous.  RJ has hit the mark with a song that is both seasonal and melancholy.  I look forward to more from this fine musician.

Here are SoundCloud links where you can enjoy a sampling from these artists.  Please listen, learn, and, if you like what you hear, support the artists and buy their records!

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