Friday, August 29, 2014

Jingle Bell Rocks! Coming Soon to a Theatre Near Me

I haven't given much space in the past here at Merry and Bright! for "Jingle Bell Rocks!", Mitchell Kezin's labor of love movie about, well, the kind of good people that read this here blog.  The reason is that Mitchell's film was well covered in the rest of the Christmas Music blogosphere, and I'm pretty sure that my readers also stop by the other blogs, so I didn't see the need to repeat the info.

Well, time for a change. 

Great things have been happening for Mitchell and his film as he's made the film festival circuit.  Awards, accolades.  Plans for the DVD and Blu-Ray release.  (Hey!  I know what my team at work is getting for Christmas!)  A new distributor - Oscilloscope Laboratories.  How cool is all this?!?!!

The best part of this (for ol' Der Bingle anyway), is that "Jingle Bell Rocks!"  has been selected for the Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park, Kansas in October.  October 10 at 7:50PM to be exact.  Overland Park is in the Kansas City metro area, and the theatre is about half an hour from my house.  I'm excited!  Greg (proprietor of Greg's Swank Pad Lounge) and I will kick off the Christmas season and meet up for the screening, and hopefully meet Mitchell as well.  Maybe share a Christmas mix or two...

I only know Mitchell through Facebook and the Christmas Music blogosphere, but I'm very proud of his accomplishment with "Jingle Bell Rocks!".  It's very inspiring to me to see the results of his work in a narrow niche field of artistry, and to see the success that is coming his way.  I felt the same way about Elizabeth Chan last year, with her "Everyday Holidays" CD release, and her realization of becoming a Christmas Music Artist (a very rare bird indeed).  These amazing, dedicated artists are true inspirations.

So - Kansas City readers - October 10, 2014, Glenwood Arts Theatre.  Come and treat yourself to "Jingle Bell Rocks!".  I hope to see you there!

Want to know more?  Follow the links!

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  1. THX so much for the support Aaron. Much appreciated !

  2. I make an ever so brief (dare I say "scene stealing") appearance in the film. I had the great privilege of attending a Toronto screening with Mitchell, plus meeting some of the other miscreants featured in the "collector's collage" segment. The film is both goofy and sweetly sentimental. Mitchell and I have since become pretty good friends. To the point where he bunks at my home during business trips here in NYC. Despite the fact that he drank all my beer I would happily have him back as my guest. The film is wonderful and worthy of our continued support...

    Al A.