Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kickstarter Fun: Fifty Ways to Off an Elf

Here's a quick little post about a fun project over at Kickstarter, but you'd better hurry.  As of now (Nov 25) there are only five days to go to be a backer.

James Lincke together with Matt Lake (of "Night of the Krampus" fame) have teamed up once again to produce "Fifty Ways to Off an Elf".  From the project description:

"THE PROBLEM: Elves have only two natural habitats--the North Pole and Tolkien's Middle Earth. Everywhere else they show up on the planet, they are an invasive species. And at this time of year, they are cropping up at an alarming rate. They appear in malls, at parties, at workplaces and in homes. They are literally everywhere. And they must be stamped out."

For the rest of the project details, you'll have to visit the site.  It looks like a total blast.  Just pretend that an elf pushed 'play' every time you hear "The Christmas Shoes" and you'll be in the proper spirit :-)  James has some great rewards for backers, and as of this writing he is very close to funding.  So check it out!

Bwa ha ha

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