Sunday, September 18, 2016


I'd love for it to actually be Septembrrrr! weather, but the truth is that it was in the mid-80s today here in Kansas City, and the 7-day forecast is for all highs in mid-80s and lows in low 60s.  I'm ready for the 40s and below.  Just call me Snow Miser.  (Go ahead - many others already have).

September does bring about the awakening of the blog and blog-related activities.  Der Bingle has been busy in the off-season, and I have already been working on many things for all of you faithful readers.

Like what, you say?

Well, I have almost all the principle ripping done for this year's shares, with only one album left to rip and just one other set of audio files to process.  Way ahead of schedule on that front.  Then there is the cover art scanning and stitching, the file zipping and uploading, and then everything will be ready to share.  Interesting stuff this year, folks, with a story behind it all, too.

What else?  I'm working on some artist interviews and/or mini Q&As.  I have one new album submission sent to me this year already, and a couple leftover from last year.  Hopefully (as always) I'll keep up with what is coming in.  I may have some art of a different kind to share out, too, as I'm always branching out to the new shiny Christmas object that catches my eye.

Assuming I can keep up the pace, I have lots of stuff for you all this year, and some of it will start pretty early in the season.  So, please check in early and often so you don't miss out!

Fall begins in just a few days, and the blog posts soon after.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Correction: now the local weather service is forecasting temps up to 90 this week, with heat indices near 100. Bleah. Come on 30s!