Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Catching Up with 2015 Part 2

Today I have two more mini-reviews of 2015 releases, as I'm still working to catch up on on some quite fine music submissions from last year.  Only one more to go, then I'll be caught up...

Fable Cry “Kidnap the Sandy Claws”

Fable Cry, a Nashville-based band, released their cut of “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” (originally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) in 2015.  It’s a fun romp of a song, well done, energetic, retaining the spirit of the original Danny Elfman tune.  For some, it will be a perfect addition to an annual Christmas comp where the playlist veers toward the unusual and unique.  

Fable Cry’s Soundcloud page has several more tracks for you to sample, including an album titled “We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are”, running a little more (Ok, a lot more) toward a Halloween sound than Christmas.  It’s very engaging and quite creatively arranged and performed.  Check them out!

Fable Cry "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" on SoundCloud

Fable Cry on Facebook

“A Colorful Christmas”, a compilation album from Fetal Records

Friend of Merry and Bright Stubby gave us a thorough review of “A Colorful Christmas” last year, and there’s not much I can add to his excellent article.  So, I’ll just wholeheartedly agree with my blogging buddy, and hope that this post renews the energy and exposure for this excellent collection of songs.  Fetal Records has put together an album that encompasses many genres and styles of Christmas music, from many notable and excellent musicians.  If you’re in the mood for a varied playlist, you can’t go wrong with “A Colorful Christmas”.

The opening track, “Reindeer Romp & Roll” by Jet Watling is an oddly engaging song.  It’s unlike anything else I have in my collection, and it sticks with you long after its coda.  “Peppermint Milkshake” by Run Little Elephant has some 60’s vibe vocals, nasty bari sax, and some beach-noir space-age feel to it (you’ll just have to listen to figure that out).   “Christmas Memories” by Matilda Jane Kraemer, has a very traditional sound and lyrical quality, but I can’t help but detect a bit of mischief amongst the reverence.

“A Colorful Christmas” is a really great collection from the good folks at Fetal Records – lots of musical variety and artistry, excellent songwriting and performances.  Der Bingle urges you to go visit Fetal Records website and have a test-listen.

"A Colorful Christmas" at Fetal Records

Fetal Records Website

Fetal Records provided a digital copy of "A Colorful Christmas" for review consideration.

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