Sunday, December 11, 2016

Enzo Stuarti "Comin' Home for Christmas"

Today's share is "Comin' Home for Christmas" by Enzo Stuarti.  Enzo was born Lorenzo Scapone in Rome, performed in America using the stage names Larry Laurence and Larry Stuart, then changed his performer name to Enzo Stuarti at the urging of the great Ed Sullivan, so that his name sounded more Italian.  Per wikipedia, that is.

"Comin' Home for Christmas" is a collection of 10 Christmas songs, all comfortable classics, with "Santo Natale" being the one that some may not recognize.  Enzo is a very capable and talented tenor; this album has a fine traditional Italian pop tenor-crooner sound.  "White Christmas", the album opener, mixes in a verse in Italian very nicely.  It gives the song a welcome bit of variety.

Enzo delivers in the style of Eddie Fisher, Jack Jones, and others in that niche.  Very pleasant, very Christmassy, and although you may have never heard Enzo Stuarti before, he'll sound familiar the moment you queue up the album.  Good stuff, says me,

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  1. Please post this album to download in Mediafire. Google Drive is a shit!!!