Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sofia Talvik: When Winter Comes

Ah, Sofia Talvik.  What can one say about Sofia Talvik?  Y'know, I could make a great blog post with just pictures of Sofia.


But that would be unfair and an injustice, as Sofia Talvik's talent as a complete musician - singer, songwriter, guitarist -  exceeds even her beauty.

Sofia has long been a darling of Christmas music fans around the world.  Oh, Sofia has not limited herself to Christmas music, oh no.  She has an extensive catalog of records, a songstress of the highest caliber. One could classify her as 'folk', and one wouldn't be wrong.  One could say "Americana", and it's there, though you must add Swedish-tinged to it, as Sofia hails from Sweden.  Really, just say "she sings her songs".

Over the years Sofia has graced us many times with Christmas songs, original compositions, many free, as Christmas gifts to her fans.  This year Sofia has collected her songs, re-worked and re-recorded them, added a new original and, for the first time, a standard, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day".  She has arranged these into a true album, a representation of her relationship with Christmas, and the joy and sorrow that can come with the holiday.

The result is beautiful.  The dues she has paid as a traveling, touring, working musician pay off in a truly special musical maturity.  She sings and plays with unprecedented confidence and control, and shares her Christmas music from her heart and soul.  Her voice has a purity, with just a hint of Scandinavian inflection that adds a touch of exoticism, that is stirring.  "When Winter Comes" is undoubtedly one of the top Christmas albums of 2017.

My good friend Stubby has long been a champion of Sofia Talvik and her music.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it was via Stubby that I first learned of Sofia.  Many of you know that Stubby is putting his House of Christmas on indefinite pause.  As a (possibly) last post, Stubby has written an in-depth review of "When Winter Comes" over at his place, and I can't touch the eloquence and love for her music that comes through in his review.  If this is Stubby's swan song, then there can be no more fitting way to exit the scene for a Christmas blogger we all heartily admire.  So, please visit Stubby's for his review.  Well done, my friend.

So. hopefully I've piqued your curiosity, and Stubby has delivered the whole message:  support Sofia Talvik, buy her music, love it this season and for many seasons to come.

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A CD of "When Winter Comes" was provided by the artist to Merry and Bright for review.

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