Monday, November 30, 2020

Noel Noel! Sharing Season Begins

 Sharing season kicks off this year with "Noel Noel: A Musical Christmas" from Hans Carste and his Orchestra with Organ and Bells.  

"Noel Noel" is a splendid record to start your holidays.  Now, if you're like me, you started the Christmas music season in dear ol' 2020 about, oh, late August.  (I know for a fact that at least a few of you are indeed like me).  But if you are waiting until after Thanksgiving, or until the calendar flips to December, I have just what you need.

The track list is intriguing.  There are a few standards, like "White Christmas", "Silent Night" (the album opener - always a gutsy move), and "Winter Wonderland".  Spiritual A-Listers are here, such as "Adeste Fideles" and "The First Noel".  And, as is not unusual for a '60s-era album, there are a few songs that may be new to you, namely "The Snow Falls Quietly" and "From Heaven Above To Earth I Come".

The music is quite competently arranged and performed.  It is a very pleasant, unassuming yet comfortable record.  Quite nice, Mr. Carste.

Of note:  the back cover has a drawing that is reminiscent of Salvador Dali's Don Quixote.  It is probably the three magi on camels, although they appear to be wearing cowboy hats.  Maybe it's the Three Godfathers instead of the magi.  And on my album cover, it looks almost hand-drawn with a thin Magic Marker (no Sharpies in the '60s).  So, perhaps someone embellished the back cover?  Perhaps Salvador Dali himself?  Well, doubtful, I suppose.

Please enjoy "Noel Noel" by Hans Carste and his Orchestra with Organ and Bells

By the way, this album was one of the fruits of my crate digging expedition with the legendary Ernie in Orlando this past Spring, a few days before the world shut down.  I don't recall whether this was a find that day or if it was part of the Welcome to Florida! record tote that Ernie brought me.  Either way, it was a great day spent with a Christmas music buddy.


  1. Thanks for this one, Der Bingle! Come back to Florida anytime, well, anytime after the Covid is conquered. :)

  2. I've always liked this album. Great work Der Bingle!