Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas in July part 2

Another quick share for Christmas in July, and this one is a preview of things to come.

Last season I shared out a 3-record set called The Glory of Christmas.  Pretty good stuff, though it needed some cleanup work, especially "Patapan", which had a nasty little skip.  Over at, DavesWorld56 told us that he had acquired a reel-to-reel tape version of the same set, in pristine condition.  Dave ripped the album from his reels, and they were indeed terrific.  Just one problem, his reels didn't include several of the songs from the record set, including "Patapan".

So, I'm planning to remaster the missing songs from Dave's reels, use better technology to clean up the rips, and merge them in with Dave's this season for a full set of The Glory of Christmas in as good a condition as we can muster.

As a preview, here is a remastered "Patapan", without the skip, and with better noise elimination technology.  I think it sounds pretty good.  So, for Christmas in July, and as a preview of the 2011 season, here is "Patapan" from The Glory of Christmas.

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