Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas in July

Here we are, past June 25, closer to Christmas 2011 than Christmas 2010.  At nearly 100 degrees outside in Kansas City, it doesn't feel too Christmassy right now.  But, in the Christmas in July spirit that is present on so many places on the Internet, I have a share or two for you.

First up is an album of Organ and Chimes Music, starring the Original Wurlitzer from Radio City Music Hall.  There's not much information about the album - no artists credited, no orchestras.  Just organ and chimes music from the Radio City Music Hall organ.

There is a lot of organ Christmas music out there, and when it's just the organ, I'm kind of so-so about it.  However, the chimes on these arrangements add a lot to the music, as well as the song selections.  One of my favorite Christmas songs is "The Cherry Tree Carol", so I was glad to see it on this album.  The medley of carols that closes the record is very nice too.

So, please enjoy the unknown musicians on chimes and organ on "Merry Christmas Carols with Organ and Chimes".

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