Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Side B Surprise

When I was recording this record for sharing, there was an interesting little surprise on side B.  Side A was as expected, following the track list on the label and on the album cover.  Norman Roye playing some quite enjoyable Christmas standards on the organ.  Pretty good stuff. 

Then, on to Side B.

I noticed that the listing on the record label didn't match the album list, but, stranger things have happened.  Then, instead of organ music, there was a male tenor singing Christmas songs.   Hmmm, interesting.  And then came the end of the record.  A little outro by Jack Benny!  The singer, I then identified as Dennis Day.

Side B of this record is the same Side B as on the record "Dennis Day Sings Christmas for the Family", previously shared out by Ernie (link).  Dennis Day is a fine singer, and Jack Benny's bits on the record are very amusing.

Interestingly enough, on the back of the Norman Roye record is a plug for "Christmas for the Family", with the advice "If this isn't in your Christmas album collection, we'd advise getting it now...".  I guess they meant "Hey!  Half of it IS in your Christmas record collection now - you just don't know it yet".

I don't know the story of the record, whether this was a mis-pressing in the factory, or a little joke by the label, or what, but it certainly was a surprise.  A pleasant one, at that.  If anyone does know any details, please share in the comments.

So, please enjoy Side A of Norman Roye and Side B of Dennis Day, plus outro by the great Jack Benny

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  1. Ernie's - link to "Dennis Day Sings..." no longer exists. :(

  2. Found a new link to the Dennis Day record over at Stax o' Wax:

  3. Sadly, the link at Stax o' Wax is dead now, too... :(