Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Magical Share

Time is winding down - Christmas will be here soon, so I need to share out the rest of this year's music for you over the next couple of days.  So, today's share is "Christmas Organ and Chimes".  The most attention getting aspect of this record, apart from the utterly cool, embossed album cover, is the artist.  The pipe organ is played by The Magic Fingers of Merlin, accompanied by Jonathan Wilson on the Bethlehem Chimes.

Now, if you google "Magic Fingers of Merlin" (and be a little cautious with your googling here, good folks), you'll find that there are several albums out there - Organ Moods, in Hi-Fi, at Midnight, Tribute to Ken Griffin.  Merlin's Magic Fingers were apparently fairly prolific in the organ music recording business for a few years.

And so, here is Ol' Magic Fingers' Christmas album.  It's chock full of standards for your listening pleasure.  Without further ado, here is Christmas Organ and Chimes!

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