Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Der Bingle's Christmas Shopping Guide: "Sons of Sparta"

Have a mystery book lover on your Christmas list?  If you do, "Sons of Sparta" by Jeffery Siger is sure to satisfy.  Set in the semi-anarchy zone of The Mani region of Greece, "Sons of Sparta" features wild and crazy Greeks, murders, age old vendettas, deeply serious family bonds, Ukrainians, and a hot, sexy, and desperate illegal immigrant waitress.  All of this is wrapped into a murder story involving the family of the main character, Detective Yiannis Kouros.  After Yiannis' uncle is murdered right before making a business deal to sell off part of the family's land, a move not popular with the entire family, Detective Kouros and Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis must move quickly to solve the crime.

"Sons of Sparta" has all the elements of a rapid-firing murder mystery - multiple bodies, suspects and motives galore, red herrings, hot trails, cold finishes, and an absolutely splendid ending.  This is author Siger's sixth book in his mystery series featuring Inspector Kaldis.  He paints a vivid picture of Greek living and dying, with history and culture throughout.  The Greek spin on the classic mystery genre is a welcome addition to the mystery canon.  

"Sons of Sparta" is published by Poisoned Pen Press.  Please visit their website for more information about their many other splendid mystery books.

Poisoned Pen Press provided a preview copy of "Sons of Sparta" for promotional and review consideration.

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