Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kicking Off the Sharing Season with Evie!

I have a very special share to kick off the season this year.  Earlier this year I found "Come On, Ring Those Bells" by Evie in a thrift store.  The album was in great shape, Evie was a new artist to me, and the record had the look of one I'd be able to share out.  Then, like so many records I find, I discovered that a good deal of the music was already available on CD, so, off-limits for sharing.

Then I listened to the record, and it is just incredible.  Evie's voice is amazing, and one of the most perfectly suited to Christmas music that I have ever heard.  I really wanted to share it with you all, faithful readers, and introduce you to this fantastic artist.

A little web research shows that Evie is Evie Karlsson, born Evie Tornquist, daughter of Norwegian immigrants. Per wikipedia, Evie was born in 1957 and "Come On, Ring Those Bells" was released in 1977, making Evie the most adorable 20 year old ever to grace an album cover.   The internet also tells me that Evie has been enshrined in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, the Christian Music Hall of Fame, and has had three albums nominated for Grammys, including (!!!!) "Come On, Ring Those Bells".  Well, the joke is on Der Bingle - Evie is not some unknown thrift store artist.  Evie is big time.  Just new to me.

But man, I still wanted to share some of her music, in case there are more of you out there that would also be new to Evie's talent.  So, I again hit the internet and found Evie's website and contact info.  I asked for permission to share out two songs, and Evie herself replied and said "Go for it!"  So, I am really pleased to share out two songs from "Come On, Ring Those Bells", the title song as well as the beautiful "Some Children See Him".

If you like what you hear, please visit Evie's website eviemusic.org.  A new version of "Come On, Ring Those Bells", featuring 14 Christmas-themed songs, including two new releases, is available, plus other CDs by Evie.

So, please enjoy a small sample of Christmas music by Evie, and for more, visit her website and support this fantastic, generous artist.

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  1. I remember this record well. It was one of the first I got to play on a non-college radio station (the format for my day-part was rather...staid). Evie offered what, for my day-part, was uncharacteristic energy.

  2. Great find and interesting story as I have never heard of her before. Looking forward to hearing this one!

  3. This takes me back. I grew up in an evangelical Christian home (in the Ozarks!) and believe me, Evie was a pretty big deal. My mom had tons of her stuff. She still shows up from time to time on those Gaither Homecoming videos and CD's--looking and sounding pretty much the same as she did back then!

  4. I saw her in concert at both FishNet and at Constitution Hall back in the day. She was as humble as she was talented and beautiful. She never pursued fame and fortune that no doubt could have been hers, choosing rather to be a pastor's wife (Pelle) and accomplishing far more good, in my opinion. Thanks for the post!