Thursday, December 18, 2014

Music for Christmas at Home

Tonight's share is "Music for Christmas at Home" by The Somerset Strings.  This is one of those albums of pleasing Christmas music with a cool album cover.  Looks like there's Grandma, Mom, Dad, two of the young men in the family on Christmas leave from the military, a girlfriend (or maybe sister and her boyfriend), and the two young children.  A fireplace, presents, a Christmas tree, and an angel overlooking all from the treetop.  A great scene.

The music here is pretty good.  The record was a little rough, but I did the best I could to clean up the tracks.  Mostly old favorites here.  Nice notes on the back cover.

And, please notice the album that had to be a big hit for The Somerset Strings, advertised on the back cover: "Music for Washing and Ironing".  Oh, if I could only find that one at a thrift store...

For your listening pleasure, "Music for Christmas at Home"

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  1. An oldie and a real goody, DB. I have an older copy somewhere, I appreciate this very much!

  2. Thanks Don Ho! Records like these are time machines, with the music, artwork, and text from years ago to take us back...

  3. Thanks, Der Bingle. This is a great one.

  4. Dec 21 - I updated the ZIP file with a new track 1 to clear up some extra noise.