Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fruit Cake with Cherries

Tonight I sampled "Fruit cake with Cherries from Provence", another Forchy seasonal cake product.  Like the Forchy Christmas Cake I reviewed earlier, the Fruit cake comes pre-sliced.  My first slice out of the package suffered some damage at the bottom of the slice, but I blame myself, not realizing that the tray which the cake rests on is also pre-sliced, so you don't need to lift the slice out of the tray, instead pulling the slice and tray portion away together.  Next time I'll know.

Much like the previous Forchy cake, the Fruit cake with Cherries is a sweet yellow cake, denser than your typical cake, but still lighter than some traditional fruitcakes.  There are indeed cherries, although in my representative slice there was only one.

I found this cake to be drier than the Christmas Cake, and the distribution of fruit was a little sparse.  Each bit was lots of cake and a little fruit.  The cake itself is larger than the Christmas Cake, as is each slice on a slice-to-slice comparison.  But, slice size doesn't make up for the lower fruit per square inch metric.

The cake is made in France, therefore the Provencal Cherries don't have to be exported in order to make the Fruit cake with Cherries from Provence.

I'll give this cake 2 1/2 Red Cherries.  This French cake might be made better with some good ol' American Whipped Topping from a pressurized can.  Hmmm... may have to give that a try.

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