Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sounds of Christmas with the Foggy River Boys

Tonight's share, before scooting off to New York City for some Christmastime immersion that only The Big Apple can provide, is "Sounds of Christmas" by The Foggy River Boys.

The Foggy River Boys you hear on this record are the incarnation that set up shop in Branson, MO in the early 1970's.  They were one of the first entertainers to open a theater on Highway 76, just a few years after The Baldknobbers.  The Foggy River Boys were pioneers of the Ozark music theater experience, which now consumes Highway 76 with miles of countrified tourist attractions.

"Sounds of Christmas" is quite enjoyable.  It's not too twangy, has just a touch of corniness, and features tight harmonies and very pleasant singing.  Think of the sound of a really good barbershop quartet, add a spoonful of Grand Ol' Opry, and then mix in some talented soloists, and you've got it.

The record is mainly familiar standards, performed quite well,  A favorite of mine is "Old Fashioned Christmas", an original song written by lead singer Bob Hubbard.  It is well worth discovery and cover by other artists.

Branson usually isn't really my thing, but this is a well-produced and very enjoyable addition to my (and now your) Christmas music collection.

Enjoy "Sounds of Christmas" by The Foggy River Boys

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  1. Let me tell you how much I love this: I LOVE THIS! Thank you!