Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Change of Pace: Holiday Cards

Although music is the main deal here at Merry and Bright, longtime readers know that occasionally I'll branch out into other avenues about the holiday season.  Tonight's post is one of those, heading down a new path, though still a seasonal little venture.  Maybe you could call it a stop at a holiday shoppe while traveling the Christmas Music Highway.  Maybe Der Bingle should stop metaphoring and get to it :-)

I was at an art show today with many local artists showing and selling their work (and, by the way, the show will lead to a major post in the near future, so stay tuned), and I met a talented young graphic artist named Stephanie Summers.  What caught my eye at her table was a set of beautiful holiday cards.  Although we as a family have moved to sending a family photo card out each year (this year featuring Kansas City Royal Wade Davis, in addition to us - Go Royals!), I still send out a few traditional Christmas cards to friends.  I've bought cards from MoMA, Retro Christmas Card Company, and others, and Stephanie's cards really tickled my Christmas-card fancy.

Stephanie works in digital graphic arts, as well as found material for her unique, high-energy designs.  The holiday card set incorporates petal shapes, loopy whorls, and a light, botanical/leafy background with a fabulous glittery gold "Happy Holidays" to greet the recipient.  I could show you an image of the card, but it's Stephanie's original artwork, so I won't, as I don't want her work to be copied.  I will, though, provide links so you can see for yourself.

Stephanie Summers' website
About Stephanie: link
Her fab art page:  link
And, (ta dah!) her Etsy site for the holiday cards:  link

I love supporting local musicians and artists, and I thought Stephanie's work was creative and lovely, and captured the spirit of a modern greeting while still retain a traditional theme.  Check out Stephanie's work at the links above, and if you like what you see, place an order and support a new artist!

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