Friday, December 11, 2015

Festive Friday!

Well, partially festive, anyway.

Tonight's share is !Something Festive!, a collection of Christmas songs presented by BF Goodrich.  You know, all those tire companies sponsored pretty good Christmas albums back in the day.  If my Dad had been a Christmas music lovin' guy, I can imagine him driving the Buick around to the tire dealers, shootin' the, er, breeze for a while, and then getting the new album.  Didn't happen, but would have been pretty cool.

Anyway, this is a nice collection of music from the good folks at BF Goodrich.  Why do I say partially festive?  Well, I removed the two Herb Alpert cuts from the share file.  I know that those are readily available digitally, so I left them out.  Some of the other cuts may be too, but they are certainly 'rarer' then Alpert's.

Good stuff too.  Liza.  Burt.  Claudine.  Can't go wrong with that bunch.

So, please enjoy somewhat limited holiday festiveness!

download link


  1. I grew up with this LP. Thanks Der Bingle.

  2. I just picked up this LP at a thrift store for a dollar. Thanks for ripping this for me, LOL!!!