Friday, December 18, 2020

Lotsa New Music for 2020

Every year I receive a Santa's sack-full of new music from the musicians and promoters out there in the big ol' world.  Time enough to cover it all thoroughly just isn't available, but I'd like to at least give them a quick shout-out.  So, here's a rundown of some of the new Christmas music in 2020, and by the way, many of these are in my Spotify Playlist (right over there <-- in the left panel).

Please scroll through, check out the amazing music these artists have shared, watch a few videos, sip on some eggnog, and enjoy!  And if you like what you hear, a little googling will find the artist and all their info.  

Loop Line - "The Small Hours" - Pretty terrific new tune from geographically challenged indie-rock band Loop Line, complementing their previous Christmas catalog (which are all well worth your time and attention).

The Powers - "If We Don't Have Any Snow" - new music from The Powers, a husband and wife led Americana/Alt Country band from Idaho.  They also have a splendid version of "O Come O Come Emmanuel".  Great sound from The Powers!

"If We Don't Have Snow" - stream on Spotify

"O Come O Come Emmanuel" - stream on Spotify

Wolf Blitzer (the band) - "Bliitzmas"

 The Merry & Bright Award for album title of the year goes to Wolf Blitzer (the band) with "Bliitzmas", a followup to their 2016 holiday EP "Blitzmas".  Their band self-description brought a smile to my face too: "We are Wolf Blitzer, a band from MA that is now pretty defunct but still gets back together for Christmas to make some music."  Love it man, love it.

And I'm really digging their music too.  "Bliitzmas" is a 4-song EP, all originals.

Wolf Blitzer (the band) Bandcamp

Wolf Blitzer (the band) Facebook

Monkton - "Monkton Christmas Volume One"

An eight song album of "Christmas music in unique jazz oriented original arrangements" from Monkton.  Available on Bandcamp.

Surf School Dropouts - "The Man in Red"

Christmas EP from the indie-pop band from Denmark Surf School Dropouts.  Get it on Bandcamp.

Nina Baumer - "O Christmas Tree"

Nina Baumer website

Nina Baumer Facebook

Katie Garibaldi - "Auld Lang Syne"

San Fran gal Katie Garibaldi returns with a new single "Auld Lang Syne"

Nadia Vaeh - "Christmas Cards"

Kira Rizavi - "Tiny Dancers (Can't Wait for Christmas)"

Stream "Tiny Dancers (Can't Wait for Christmas) on Spotify

Leah Belle Faser - "I Wonder What You Got for Me"

Ice Island - "The Little Drummer Boy"

Available on Bandcamp or Stream it here on Spotify

Jack Blackman and the Beautiful Wreck - "I Wish It Was Summer (at Christmas Time)"

Maxine Linehan  - "This Time of Year"

Stream it on Spotify

Maggie Szabo - "Come Celebrate Christmas"

Karen Hitchcock and Deron Reynolds - "Bells are Ringing (Hallelujah)"

By the way, and I'm sure that most of you know this, there are other blogs that cover all the new music, including my friends at:

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