Monday, December 21, 2020

New Music: "Amid the Cold" by Evan Mazunik

"Amid the Cold" by Denver-based pianist Evan Mazunik brings Merry & Bright's new music posts to a conclusion for this season.  Released on October 30, 2020, "Amid the Cold" is a gorgeous collection of music.  

Sixteen tracks of some familiar melodies arranged by the talented Mr. Mazunik interspersed with original compositions are delivered on "Amid the Cold".  The songs' heart is Evan's piano, and the soul is the inclusion of electronica, spoken word, and even sound samples from outer space.  The result is a dreamy, ethereal journey into Christmas music.  Christmas music indeed, wrapped in celebrations of the solstice.  This a refreshing, jazzy, surreal, and wholly unique album.  

And it's purely coincidental that I am publishing this on December 21, 2020 when we are witnessing The Great Conjunction in the night sky as Jupiter and Saturn align to form a modern-day Christmas Star, and Evan's album includes a song titled "The Great Conjunction".

If you are looking for something different, joyful, and moving, please do yourself a favor and listen to "Amid the Cold".  I think you'll like what you hear.  This is another superb example of Christmas music that fills a void in my collection. 

"Amid the Cold" on Bandcamp

Evan Mazunik website