Monday, November 29, 2021

Sharing Time: Bob Parks and the Evangelaires

Joy at Christmas by Bob Parks and the Evangelaires kicks off music sharing this season.  On Joy at Christmas, Bob Parks, Steve LeBar, and and Bill Lehman are a vocal trio, accompanied on piano by Harold De Cou and Ray Felten on bass.  They are joined on guitar with a Spanish flair on a few numbers by Paul Storm and Terry Parks.

This is a very pleasant vocal album, nicely arranged and well-performed by Bob & Co.  The album opener and title track Joy at Christmas, an original by Bob Parks, is a fine little Christmas song, clocking in at a brisk 1:34.  There are several standards on the album, including a ragtimey/barbershoppery "Go Tell It On The Mountain", the always-appreciated "Mary's Boy Child", "Silent Night", and a very reverent "O Holy Night".

Overall this is a quite nice album.  Musically it is in a niche all its own in my collection.  The trio is talented, and the arrangements are pleasing.  Bob Parks has a gentle tenor voice that is well suited to the song selections.  

My only dig is the final song "Born to Die".  I understand the spiritual intent of the song, but man, it kinda sucks all the jolly out of your holly.

Download and enjoy Joy at Christmas by Bob Parks and the Evangelaires

Production Note:  The album had a mostly unrepairable skip at the very beginning of Track 1 Joy at Christmas.  I did my best to smooth & blend.  


  1. This looks interesting! Is there a story behind it? Is it local to you, or just a totally random find?

  2. Totally random. I went to a local thrift store about 3 weeks ago and found it. Looks to be Canadian, but not much about Bob on the internet.

  3. Why am I picturing Mr. Rogers as I listen to this? :-P