Thursday, December 9, 2021

Jimmy's Lesser Known Brother, Perhaps?

Tonight's share is "Pipe Organ for Christmas" by Milton Page.  Mr. Page, as per the album back cover, hailed from Texas, learned the ukulele as a young lad, lived with his aunt in Amarillo due to an asthmatic condition, attended the University of Texas, went to New York, played lots of clubs, was in the Army, and was the organist at the Roxy and at Radio City Music Hall.  There's a lot of information on that album cover.  At the time of the album release, Milton was on tour playing the Hammond Organ across the US.  The internet gives me reason to believe that Mr. Page passed away in 1966, according to a paywalled obit in the NY Times.

"Pipe Organ for Christmas" is a collection of 16 Christmas standards.  No surprises in the tracks, just your favorites played very well by Mr. Page on the organ.  If you dig organ music, this is a must-download.  If you're not so into organ music, I still say give this a chance.  Pretty decent tunes here.

Please enjoy Milton Page "Pipe Organ for Christmas"

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  1. Sucker for Organ Music (Pipe or otherwise), here...

    Thank You so much for sharing :)