Saturday, December 15, 2012

Joy in Full Color Hi Fidelity

Yes indeed, Full Color Hi Fidelity.  That's what the album cover says.  Makes me wonder if I've ever listened to a record in black & white.  I probably did when I was growing up, as we had only a black & white TV until I was about 16.


I'm not sure why "Full Color" is prominently displayed on the album cover of tonight's share, "Joy To The World", Organ and Chimes by Ivan Dittmars.  It's an interesting album cover from the budget label.  The cover is obviously a separate print that was attached to stock Crown Records generic covers, as the back has no information about the album, instead showing information about other Crown records.

This is the mono version of this 1960's Crown release, featuring 14 songs performed on organ and chimes.  You'll likely recognize them all.  The album closes with an oddly-titled Medley "Deck the Hall with Holly/Carol of the Shepherds".

To satisfy your need for organ and chimes Christmas comfort music, here is "Joy To The World" in Full Color!

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