Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joyous and Merry

Tonight I have something a little different to share out.  As you may have noticed here on Merry and Bright, as well as on other Christmas Music sites, there seems to be increased scrutiny of the files we are posting to share.  Mediafire has tagged a few of my files as containing copyrighted material and blocked them from being downloaded.  While it's a little disappointing, I really don't have a problem with that method of copyright protection by the host.  My files are still there, they just aren't publicly downloadable.  As Doris Day sang, Que Sera Sera.  We move on.

So, what I have for you tonight is a share combined up from two compilation albums, and I've removed the songs that are readily available in digital format.  So, Perry Como, Chet Atkins, Robert Goulet, Mitch Miller & the Gang, Johnny Mathis, Steve and Eydie, and the great (and already quoted) Doris Day do not grace this share.

However, what is left is a great collection of music from the Norman Luboff Choir, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and (a personal favorite), the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra and Chorus, plus many more.

Two albums contributed to this share.  First, "Joyous Christmas",  a "Limited Edition Collectors Item" from Columbia Special Products produced for the Beneficial Finance System.  The second is "Merry Christmas", an excellent 1964 collection from RCA.

These albums are both excellent collections in the tradition of the best 1960s records - a terrific set of performances with great music that hearkens back to those simpler times before the internet, cell phones, and technology saturation.  Just a good ol' stereo record player and a couple of great Christmas records.

Please enjoy a special compilation "Joyous and Merry"

Quick update:  Reader Zepp pointed out a skip and repeat on one of the songs.  I hope to get that fixed tonight (12/6).  I'll re-post the entire share for those who have not downloaded it yet, and also a separate link to the single fixed song, for those who just need the one.

Update II:  Well, the replacement ZIP file was tagged as non-downloadable, but the old one isn't, and neither is the single "Rudolph".  So, please download both files in the following links, and replace the "Rudolph" in the ZIP file with the single MP3 in the second link.  Go figure...

New ZIP files:
Joyous ZIP
Merry ZIP


  1. And great collections these are. Your comment reminded me of something interesting...this Christmas will be 15 years since I bought the first PC for my son and I. I've been working with/on computers since 1977, but never bothered with much more than a Commodore 128 until my son was old enough to need one for school, and I for work.

    Thanks, Der Bingle!

  2. Nice Collection, Der Bingle... But Rudolph by The Senior Concert Orchestra has a skip in it that repeats several times ..

    Thanks for all your hard work

  3. Thanks Zepp - I'll see if I can fix that and replace the file.

  4. I was wondering if you could possible share that file again?! I know...I'm five years late to the party. I'm trying to find an old album my parents played back in the late 60s/early 70s. I was a tot but I vividly remember the joy I had when they played it. The album with the ornaments MIGHT be it.

    1. Shane - check back here in a day or so for a re-share...

    2. New ZIP file shares re-upped 8/14/17.

    3. Thank you VERY much! A bit early, maybe not, Merry Christmas!!