Friday, December 13, 2013

A Baroque Christmas

Hello readers.  You probably thought I'd abandoned the blog.  Here at the height of the season, no new shares in six days.  Well, fear not.  Der Bingle has been working, making candy, and doing some shopping.  And now I'm back with another excellent Christmas record for you.

"A Baroque Christmas" by the Amor Artis Chorale is an excellent record for fans of this style of Christmas music.  Johannes Somary conducts the chorale though seven works by Praetorius, Haydn, Hammerschmidt, and others.  It's a really beautiful recording, quite spiritual and moving.

As always, the front and back cover images included in the share are scanned images (actually four scans each and then stitched together).  The other images of the inner cover and page insert are digital pictures from my camera, as I could not scan them without damaging the cover.  I hope that they are a nice complement to the cover and music. 

Please enjoy "A Baroque Christmas"

download link


  1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to this. Your download was quite ingenious as well.

  2. Thank You so much for this one, Der Bingle! :)

    I, too greatly enjoy Baroque Christmas music and find it very spiritual and soothing. Gregorian Chant-style isn't bad, either ;)

  3. Yes, these types of recordings can be quite refreshing sometimes. Dimmed lights, cold night, and tranquility.