Saturday, December 14, 2013

From Sopranos to Tenor

Tonight's share is one of those mysterious records about which I can find no information, either about the record or the artist.  Randall Veazey's "Songs of Christmas" was a thrift store find, and everything I know about it is on the album cover.  Google provides very little information about Mr. Veazey.  He may be, or have been, the Minister of Music at Riverchase Baptist Church, but I can't tell for sure.  He may have set three concert appearances in the Christmas season of 1974, and may have been a singer in the Billy Graham Crusade, but that's all unconfirmed.

What I can tell you is that he is a talented tenor, with a strong voice well suited to the collection of Christmas songs he recorded on "Songs of Christmas".  Mr. Veazey chose to record from the spiritual canon of songs for his album, and his voice is a natural fit.  I enjoyed this record very much.

Guess what else?  The record is signed!  If you look at the front cover scan, you'll see the signature in blue ink in the snowbank, with a "Best Wishes" inscription.  Comparing the signature to the album-printed version on the back cover, it looks similar.

So, Mr. Veazey the Mysterious Tenor, you have produced a fine Christmas record (circa 1973?).  It will be enjoyed by the readers of Merry and Bright here in 2013 Anno Domini.

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