Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in Germany

It's getting close to Christmas Day, and I have a few more records to share out for you.  The number of albums is less this year than in seasons past, but I hope you have enjoyed them all.

Tonight's share is "Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen".  It's a German Christmas record featuring Erika Koth and Kenneth Spencer.  A German record, made in Germany, with all German album cover text.  If any of you readers speak German and can help us with some context, that would be great. 


Beautiful cover, eh?

Even though I don't speak German, I can certainly appreciate good Christmas music.  Some of the songs are well known, such as "Stille Nacht", "O Tannenbaum", and "Still, still, still".   Even old favorite "Adeste fidelis" appears.

There are a couple things you should know about the rip.  First, the performances are pretty much continuous, with breaks that are difficult to discern.  So, I decided to keep the flow intact, and have provided these as two tracks, Side 1 and Side 2.  Second, the rip is a bit rough in spots, so there is a little more noise than usual.  Still, it's quite enjoyable music for the season.

Please enjoy "Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen"

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  1. Brilliant!!! I Love Christmas in German! Thank You So Much for Sharing This Piece of Holiday Wonderfulness!