Friday, December 8, 2017

An Old Sound Christmas

Every now and then a new Christmas CD comes around that just makes me smile.  Oh, there are plenty that I like and play often (seriously - just ask my family).  But the ones that really, literally make me smile when I listen to them for the first time, and every time after, are relatively rare.  "An Old Sound Christmas" by the Kansas City band Old Sound, is such a record.

The seven song EP just gushes with energy, love of the music, and fun!  This is one of those records where it sounds like the band had a blast recording the album.  The song arrangements and the quality of the musicians' performances make it a really good album of Christmas songs, but it's the lively spirit that takes it from good to great.

Old Sound is Grady Keller, Chad Brothers, and Greg Herrenbruck.  Their music, as their name "Old Sound" would imply, comes from down home America.  It's folky, rootsy, and bluegrassy.  You can listen to some samples from their album "Rain Follows the Plow" on their website and hear for yourself their energy and passion for this style of music.

With "An Old Sound Christmas", the band brings their style to beloved Christmas songs.  "A Holly Jolly Christmas", "Go Tell It On The Mountain", and revered classic "Jingle Bells" come to life from Old Sound.  A highlight from the EP is their cover of Tom Petty's "Christmas All Over Again".  The band has shared the story that they had learned the song a year or so back, but when we lost Tom Petty just a few months ago, they decided they should include it on the album.  And I'm glad they did - it's excellent.

Old Sound at Winterfest in Kansas City
On the album, Chad, Greg, and Grady are joined by Damon Parker on piano and Mikal Shapiro on background vocals.  (Side note: Mikal Shapiro and Chad Brothers perform together as Shapiro Brothers <-- click the link for more info).

For all you Christmas music lovers outside of Kansas City and the surrounding area, please visit Old Sound's website for more information about "An Old Sound Christmas", including how to order a copy for yourself.

Old Sound at Winterfest in Kansas City
For those of you in or near Kansas City, a very special treat is waiting for you in this late Fall and early Winter 2017.  Old Sound is playing nightly at Worlds of Fun during the park's Winterfest celebration.  Every hour on the hour at the Country Junction stage, you can catch Old Sound playing their Christmas songs.  And, bonus!  They don't just play what's on the EP, nosirree.  For the Winterfest shows, they've added extra songs to their live performance playlist.  Including, believe it or not, I found it hard to believe myself, a really, really GOOD version of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!  This is not Elmo & Patsy, good folks. This is Old Sound - give 'em a listen :-)

Old Sound website
Old Sound music store
Old Sound on Facebook

Old Sound provided a CD to Merry and Bright.

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