Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Night Share: The McGuire Sisters

Tonight's share is one of the best this season, so I decided to share it out early so you can enjoy it throughout the month of December.  I found "Greetings from the McGuire Sisters" at a Half Price Books warehouse clearance sale this Summer (an enormously overwhelming event, I must say) and was very pleased when I put it on the record player.  It's a wonderful album, and the sisters - Christine, Phyllis, and Dorothy - are quite talented, making for a very nice collection of Christmas songs.

The McGuire Sisters were a popular group through the 50's and 60's, performing with Arthur Godfrey for many years, and hitting the variety show circuit with Perry Como, Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, Milton Berle, and others.  They have an extensive discography, mainly with Coral Records.  "Greetings from the McGuire Sisters" is on the Coral label, CRL 57225.

There are a few well-known standards on the album, plus several less familiar songs, such as "Give Me Your Heart For Christmas", "Christmas Alphabet" (my personal favorite), "The Cactus Christmas Tree", and the innuendo-y titled "I'd Like To Trim A Tree With You".  This is a really good Christmas album from the golden age, my friends.  So, please download and enjoy!

This album is being released by Real Gone Music in 2018, so the download link has been removed.  Real Gone does top-notch remastering - visit their website and support their efforts.
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