Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Two-Fer: Rod and Roger

It's the Friday before Christmas and we here at Merry & Bright are heading toward the final shares for the season.  Working in to today's schedule (after "The Last Jedi" this morning and prior to fancy pizza followed by the fancy lights of the Country Club Plaza here in KC) I have a pair of albums to share with you, both on loan from buddy Tom (although only one has the mysterious "W" on the front cover...).

First up is "Rod Kincaid Sings Both Sides of Christmas".  Rod Kincaid, a local Kansas City talent according to the album's back cover, performs songs from the spiritual side of Christmas on Side 1 of the album, with selections such as "O Holy Night", "What Child Is This", and "God of Miracles".  Side 2 showcases the more secular side of the holiday with "Home for the Holidays" and "White Christmas", among others.  Slightly unusual is the mini-medley of "Exodus/Born Free" that is included on Side 2.  Not something you usually hear on a Christmas album, but listen, lift a glass to Elsa the Lioness, and enjoy the bari-tenor talents of Rod Kincaid.

Rod Kincaid download link

Next up is "Christmas Time" by Roger Williams.  I recall Roger Williams being a well-known performer, and was somewhat surprised to not find this available in any of the usual digital formats.  It's a fine selection of music - well-orchestrated instrumental accompaniment to Mr. Williams piano.  The album contains twelve holiday favorites, including "Jingle Bells", "Silent Night", "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", and "The Christmas Song". 

The album contains twelve songs, however the download has only eleven.  Try as I might, I could not get a clean rip, or even a listenable attempt on track 4 - "The First Noel".  So I had to omit it from the share package.

Even one song short, I think you'll enjoy this album by Roger Williams.  It's the type of music to serve as a great background to your at-home Christmas activities - baking cookies, trimming the tree, staring down the elf on the shelf, and so on.

So, please enjoy Roger Williams "Christmas Time"  download link

And thanks one last time to ol' buddy Tom for loaning me some Christmas records this year!

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