Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Share: Bluegrass & Brass

Today's share is one of the best of the season.  It's the 1970 album "Christmas with Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass", which features 10 classic Christmas carols performed with a cheery fusion of brass and banjo, for a very unique and cheerful holiday sound. 

The album opener "Jingle Bell Brass" almost made it on to my annual comp this year.  It's really catchy, lively, and happy.  Mr. Davis' take on "Winter Wonderland" is a little reminiscent of the Mexicali Brass sound, with the addition of very nice breaks to feature banjo and steel guitar.  Overall, the album clocks in at only 23 minutes, but it's a super little unique Christmas record.

When checking the internet for this album, I found on iTunes and Amazon one called "The New Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass Christmas Album", with the same song titles in a different track order.  But in listening to the samples, it seems to indeed be a whole new recording, with a bit of a softer sound.  I haven't found a trace of this one in CD/download format, so I'll share it out, at least for a while.  It's a really excellent album, and I'd love to see it reissued.  Download and enjoy Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass!

|link removed - now available on digital media|


  1. Thanks for the share, Der Bingle. As a collector of both Christmas music and old RCA Victor recordings, this is a two-fer for me!

  2. You're welcome. This turned out to be a great find for me - a pretty unique blend of styles, and the record in great shape.