Saturday, December 16, 2017

Super Saturday Share: Stradivari Strings


For your listening pleasure this Saturday night, I have "Christmas Strings" by the Stradivari Stings.  "Christmas Strings", on the Spin-o-Rama label from the Parade Record Co, is an album of twelve Christmas favorites from the opener "O Come All Ye Faithful" through the everpresent closer "Silent Night".  If we strung the first words of these twelve classics all together, we would have

O Hark White, God, O Joy, Deck The Good, O We Silent

commas added at my discretion.  Can you name the songs without looking at the track list?  No more clues....

The music on this record is quite good.  Orchestral, emphasis on strings, as you might imagine, and very well arranged and performed.  "White" is exceedingly pleasant.  "God" has the strength of performance that we have come to expect.  "Good" is quite majestic, and an outstanding arrangement of a song that, when done well, is one of my favorites, and when done poorly can be simply plodding.  The Stradivari Stings do it exceptionally well.

As the back cover says "Fine records needn't be expensive", so please enjoy "Christmas Strings", and I hope you enjoyed the little riddle of the songs tonight.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for this one. It has been a favorite since my father brought it home in the fifties. I spent a good deal of my life looking for a good used copy of it. It has been released under many different titles and artist over the years. 1000 Strings, Al Goodman and his Orchestra, George Jenkins and his orchestra, Singer Orchestra, the International Pop Orchestra on Wyncote,the Cameo/Parkway budget label. Finally it was released on MP3 files as Art Neville. But I love it. My second life long quest is to find out who really did it. Merry Christmas and thanks to this great blog.

    1. You're welcome - glad you found it and are enjoying it. I'l have to dig in to that release history a bit - I've seen other albums relased like that, with the same music under different names. Johnny Kay/Johnny Coles come to mind. Enjoy the music!

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  3. Thanks to you, I think the mystery of my lifetime may be solved.I googled this album and one of the albums that came up was The Stradivarius String Society And The Cologne Symphony Orchestra* Conducted By Fritz Munch ‎– Singing Strings Herald Christmas. The tracks for the same but the track line up is not the same. However the track line up is the same as listed "Sounds of 1000 Strings play for Christmas" and Al Goodman record. I have order a vinyl copy and I will check to be sure it matches.
    Merry Christmas and again thanks for a great blog.


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  6. I received my copy of "The Stradivarius String Society And The Cologne Symphony Orchestra* Conducted By Fritz Munch ‎– Singing Strings Herald Christmas." It is the same music as all the albums that I noted above. I cant find a date for the album. What a year!
    Happy New Year!!!