Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Buon Natale!

Tonight's share is a very nice album from the 4 Corners of the World label (Four Corners Records), "Buon Natale Christmas in Italy" featuring songs performed by Sergio Franchi, The Radar Quartet, Achille Togliani and the Comet Quartet, and others.  This is a splendid album to add some international flavor to your Christmas music this season (for more, head over to friend Ernie's place where he's practically on a around-the-world musical voyage).  

The songs here are bright and performed with a holiday flair, Italian style.  "Jingle Bells" is a gondola-load of fun, and "Frosty L'omini De Neve" is a hoot.  You'll find other familiar melodies, and some that will be new to you (unless you're a native of Italy, of course).   I'll leave most of the exploration to you as you play through the album i.e. no spoilers.  I think you'll enjoy it more that way.  (Although, "Bianco Natale" you can probably guess...)  :-)

So, please enjoy "Buon Natale Christmas in Italy"