Monday, December 3, 2018

"Peace" by Ruth Acuff

With so many other Christmas music sites that do new music so much better than I do (Stubby's, Christmas Underground, Christmas-a-Go-GoMistletunes to name a few), once the season is in full swing I don't do too many reviews of the new stuff, unless I can add in an artist interview or something that can complement what these other great blogs serve.  Still, every now and then something really special comes along that I want to share with my readers.

"Peace" by Ruth Acuff is one of those very special songs.  Ruth Acuff is a (near) local artist for me, residing in Columbia, MO.  She is a professional harpist and singer/songwriter, and has previously fronted the psychedelic rock band The Royal Furs and the alternative folk rock band Rutherford.  Stepping aside from her rock personas, Ruth has produced a single that is completely beautiful, in voice, instrumental performance, and message.

"Peace" is an inspiration in times that may be troubling.  Every year there are many for whom the holiday season is not one of joy, but of sorrow.  "Peace" reaches out to them with, and also to those who find our nation's and world's politics discouraging, or worse. Ruth admittedly cites political tensions as an inspiration for this song, and her words are moving:

When the world seems a hardened place,
you’re doing everything you can to love the human race. 
Peace will be your saving grace.
When you have no other choice, when your heart cannot rejoice.
Peace, a warmth in your soul.
You, yourself celestial.

Ruth's vocals are sublimely sweet, like a fairy princess in the moonlight, and her harp playing gives the song an otherworldly quality.  Although "Peace" is not overtly a Christmas song, it is perfect for the season where we celebrate with joy Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.

I hope that Ruth will make her way from Columbia toward the West for a Kansas City performance.  She is a special talent with an extraordinary song for this season.

Ruth Acuff website
Ruth Acuff on Facebook

"Peace" single on Bandcamp and Amazon, also available on your favorite digital music sources

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  1. I saw Ruth Acuff but I read Roy Acuff and was expecting something completely different! :)