Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sharing Season

You may consider the previously shared single a bonus preview of sharing season, and the forthcoming share the official kickoff.  This announcement is a bit of a potential disclaimer for this year's shares.  A stylus change may have contributed to a few ripping idiosyncrasies this year.  I've tried to catch them and re-record where possible, but since it's December, if there are any hiccups, I won't have time to re-record.  If you find any, please comment and I'll try to re-share next season.  Otherwise, caveat emptor (I don't think there is a Latin equivalent of "downloader").  My apologies for any aberrations in the quality this season.



  1. I am badly in need of a new needle. Maybe I should speak to Santa about that. I haven't heard any problems, but that doesn't mean they aren't there, and I put a crazy amount of hours on my turntable prior to the start of the season...

  2. I (thought I) was hearing some sound degradation, so before I started ripping I got a replacement needle - exact same type as came with the turntable. The quality is fine but the output levels are low, through both USB out and line out to the speakers. I'll try re-seating it again, and may swap the old one back in to compare, but this may be the new normal.