Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

We have a few extra things going on this Christmas Eve in the Bingle household.  I'm making a batch of kolaches to have on Christmas Day (assuming they are not all devoured today).  It's a time-consuming task, with having to allow the dough to raise three times, but it's all worth it.  Daughter Becca Bingle is making a Yule Log cake, by request of her grandmother.  She baked the cake this morning, but it broke so she turned it into cake Yule Lads and Ladies, and will re-do the log cake later today.

Then it's off to church, followed by dinner at Alex Bingle's house, and the annual tradition of watching "A Christmas Story".  Then home to await the arrival of you know who.  With the youngest Bingle being 18, some of the excitement has evolved and changed form, but some traditions should never completely fade away.

As for the blog, as always my intentions exceeded available time.  There are things left completely undone, but fortunately they can wait until next year.  I'll be back here over the next few days to wrap things up.  Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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