Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday Two-Fer

Well, tonight got away from me a bit.  I watched "Klaus" on Netflix, and so now I have to do a quick little post.

You all should watch "Klaus" on Netflix.


Ok - how about a couple quick shares.  Here are two more singles from my friend Frannie.  First up, "Merry Christmas from Dennis the Menace".  I remember when Dennis the Menace was an iconic comic in the funny papers (as my Dad used to call them).  Does anyone remember the TV show?  Dennis was big time.  So, it makes sense that there is a kid-oriented Christmas record from young Master Mitchell.   The songs are "That's What I Want For Christmas" and "When Christmas Comes Around".

Dennis the Menace download link

And second up for this evening, we'll continue the comic page theme, and give you a version of "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Peter Pan Players.  While it doesn't approach the (seriously) brilliance of The Royal Guardsmen original version, it's a fun little cut.  There are four songs on the two sides:

Side 1: "Snoopy's Christmas" and "Mary Christmas"
SIde 2: "A Ride on Santa's Sleigh" and "Who Stole the Mistletoe?"


Snoopy's Christmas download link


  1. Thanks for these! I shared a Dennis The Menace Christmas single many moons ago, but these titles don't seem familiar. I remember him getting something for Mr. Wilson, but not much else. Even if it's the same songs, I didn't have a sleeve! :)

  2. SPC had the fake-hits routine down, of course. They made half of them, just about--their Prom and Promenade singles and LPs. I don't remember what I thought of the R. Guardsmen's version back in the day. I think I regarded it as just another AM novelty.