Wednesday, December 4, 2019

How Lovely is Christmas

Remember those books from grade school, where the record would tell you to turn the page? (Or better yet, the filmstrips where the record would beep to advance the strip, but your teacher didn't start it on the right one so the strip was one off from the audio the whole time and little OCD you was the only one in the whole classroom who noticed?  I digress...)  Well, tonight's share is a blast from the past, a record and book complete with the narrator telling you to "Please turn the page".

My good friend Frannie owns the coolest store in Kansas City, It's a Beautiful Day, where, back beyond the classic rock and roll t-shirts, Grateful Dead tumblers, and all the hip wind chimes, is a room full of used records.  Well, last year Frannie brought me a stack of vintage Christmas singles from the vinyl stacks, and so this year you all will be treated to the best of the bunch.

The first one is "How Lovely is Christmas", a narrated children's book, with some audio clips of the song "How Lovely is Christmas" as performed by Bing Crosby.

I've included scans of the whole book in the zip file, so, when downloaded, you can re-live your grade school years, listening to the story, and turning the page when told to do so.  It's a great little story, and quite nostalgic for people of a certain age.   Maybe you'll want to print the pages, staple them together, and play the audio with your children (or grandchildren) so they can read along as they listen.  Enjoy!

How Lovely is Christmas download link


  1. These tings are so cool! Somewhere I have a box of actual Christmas filmstrips, but without the record that plays along. I had grand plans to scan them but never did...

  2. Now that would be cool, even without the audio. Or, you and some Christmas buddies could record new audio, based on what we (er, they) thought was needed for each frame.