Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Coffee Chat with Alicia Stockman

It's a rare pleasure to get to meet the musicians that are featured on Merry and Bright!  They hail from all across the country, and sometimes from the lands beyond our own national borders.  So it was indeed wonderful to meet Alicia Stockman during her weekend stay in Kansas City.  Alicia, featured earlier with her new song "A Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve", makes her home in Utah, but was in Kansas City for a house concert and an appearance on local community radio station KKFI.  Before her radio gig, we met a a local coffee shop and bakery (Enchante, on Main St), enjoyed some hot beverages, and chatted about Christmas music, holiday traditions, and many other things.  I completely enjoyed meeting Alicia - she is a darling, super nice, and exceptionally talented.

One part of our conversation was a quick Q&A about a few favorite topics, exclusively for this follow-up piece to the original post. [Note:  I've paraphrased Alicia's answers from my handwritten notes]

Der Bingle:  Favorite Christmas Song?

Alicia Stockman: Favorite traditional song is "Sleigh Ride", favorite Christmas album is Dean Martin's A Winter Romance.

DB: Unique or Favorite family Christmas tradition?

AS:  Now (since we live in Utah), our family tradition is to go skiing every Christmas morning and have cocktails on the mountain.  As kids, Santa would leave a scavenger hunt for us to find on Christmas morning, always leading to Nerf guns, so I and my sister would have Nerf fights until our parents couldn't take it any more and got up :-)

DB:  Fruitcake:  Yes or No?

AS:  A firm No.  Every fruitcake I've ever had was either dry and stale or too gooey.  (Note: Der Bingle should send Alicia one of his fruitcakes, which are delectable).

DB:  Musician Who Inspires You?

AS: Patti Griffin (but there are many)

DB:  Favorite Sweet Holiday Treat?

AS:  Pecan Puffs

DB:  How many instruments do you play?

AS:  One well.  A couple others not quite so well.

DB:  Dream Duet Partner?

AS:  The Indigo Girls (so that would be a Dream Trio!)

DB:  Dogs, Cats, or Other?

AS:  Dogs, definitely!  (and then we shared pictures of our dogs)

Following our coffee chat, Alicia headed to KKFI for her guest spot on the Siren Song program, where she played "Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve" live.  (For a limited time you can listen to her performance here).  Program Note:  Merry & Bright readers will be able to hear Alicia's song on KKFI's River Trade Radio on Sunday December 10th, in the 9AM-10AM CST timeframe, when I have my annual Christmas music show.  You can stream River Trade Radio from your location at

Please take some time to explore Alicia's music, especially her first full album "These Four Walls", available on Bandcamp and the usual digital music outlets.

I'd like to thank Alicia for a great coffee chat!

"Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve" on Bandcamp

Alicia Stockman website

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