Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The 2023 Season Begins!

Hi all, and Happy November 1!  Welcome back for another season of Merry & Bright!  

It sure feels like Christmas here in my Kansas City home.  We had a bit of snow a few days ago - no accumulation, but about 20 minutes of pretty flakes drifting in the air.  And we set a record low temperature last night/early this morning - 18 degrees.  Personally, I love it :-)  Summer was long and hot, and I'm ready for the cold weather to set in.

I have some pretty cool things lined up this year.  I have two artist interviews in the bag, ready to publish.  I'm working on a third, with a really exciting artist releasing their first Christmas album this year.  And maybe more as the season progresses.  

I'll have a few sharity items to post later in the season.  Thrift stores in this area are quite devoid of vinyl these days - I've found nothing in the local thrifts so far.  The resurgence of vinyl has led to new record stores opening (yay!), and the good stuff is going to them.  The prices are higher - the days of $1 records are over, at least for now.  But, paying a few extra bucks for a great find is well worth it.  And I'll share what I have with you all.

One item I'll share (no details yet) is probably the rarest single I own.  Don't get too excited - I got it for 18 bucks on eBay (no spending hundreds of bucks on a record - not me) - but it's a truly beautiful piece of music.

As usual, I'll cover some of the great new music that comes my way.  Independent artists consistently produce some of the best Christmas music year in and year out, and I'm happy to introduce you to their work.

What else.... there may even be a guest blogger appearance this year, for the first time ever!

The real stuff will begin soon.  I just wanted to welcome you all back for another joyous season of Christmas!


  1. Welcome to the new 2023 Christmas season! I am ready for it. Thanks for all your contributions to making this such a joyous season.

  2. Ready and waiting. Always good to visit Merry and Bright during the season. Thanks for continuing the tradition.