Tuesday, November 7, 2023

New Music: Alicia Stockman "Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve"

With "Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve", Alicia Stockman wraps up all the comforts and warmth of the holiday season into a gorgeous song that will have you embracing the goodness of traditions and kindness, leaving behind the distractions and stress of the season.  It is absolutely a recipe for happiness, bringing together in song the traditions that we sometimes believe have been left behind.  "Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve" is a big, warm hug of a song.

Alicia Stockman is a Utah-based singer songwriter, gifted with a comforting voice that still manages to penetrate to your soul.  "Recipe..." is her first Christmas song, following her 2021 debut album These Four Walls.  

Alicia captures the best of family holiday traditions, from baking holiday treats, to enjoying a cup of mulled wine, to connecting with distant family and sharing the spirit of the season with friends and neighbors.  She shows that these long held traditions belong in our modern Christmases, if we take the time to let them happen.  More heartfelt smiles happen when you are baking up a batch of Christmas cookies than in the checkout lines at your local big-box retailer.  That's what "Recipe..." is all about - finding, nurturing, and sharing those moments.

Mix the magic of the moment 
With a dash of memories 
That’s the recipe for a 
Merry Christmas Eve

Musically, the song is beautiful.  Nick Bullock's guitar work is outstanding, a perfect accompaniment to Alicia's vocals and her acoustic guitar. 

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"Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve" is the first new song to be featured on Merry & Bright! this season, and if it's any indication, we are in store for a great year of new Christmas music.  Please visit Alicia's website and socials, and hop over to Amazon or Bandcamp and add "Recipe for a Merry Christmas Eve" to your own Christmas music collection.

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