Saturday, December 23, 2017

As Local As It Gets: Christmas on Beardsley Rd

Last night on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, in the quite pleasant 30 degree temperature, I stopped and listened to one of the local street musicians that grace the plaza this time of year.  Between songs I chatted with him just a bit, as he had copies of "A Christmas on Beardsley Rd" available for a donation.  The musician, Mark Brown, shared that he had produced this 6-song EP, which features himself and seven other Kansas City buskers, those who play on the plaza, at the River Market, and at other locations around the city.  Liz Lambson, Paul Carter, Steve Burns are the principle musicians along with Mark, and guests include "The Mysterious Piano Maestro".

I do what I can to support local musicians - going to their shows, featuring them on my rare guest DJ appearances on local radio, buying their music (bolded and italicized for your convenience), dropping a couple of bucks in the buskers' buckets, and for what it's worth, giving them a shout out here on Merry & Bright. 

This EP is a super little collection of Christmas songs.  A highlight is Mark Brown's recording of "O Holy Night", recorded live one chilly night on the Country Club Plaza.  You can even hear the sounds of traffic in the background as it passes by on 47th St.

"Christmas on Beardsley Rd" isn't available commercially, so for now you have to be in Kansas City and happen upon Mark (and perhaps some of the other musicians) performing to get one.  KC peeps - donate a few dollars and pick up a copy if you see a musician with them.  Do what you can, large or little, to support local music.

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  1. Sweet CD. I wished that it was longer - maybe the next one. I loved O Holy Night. It would make a nice Kansas City gift.